Easy Ways to Install WordPress on cPanel

Creating a website with the WordPress platform is quite easy, especially with the Softacolous installer application. In addition, make sure you already have a registered hosting domain.

If you don’t have it, please buy at an Indonesian domain hosting provider and make sure the panel you buy uses cPanel. Because there are various other hosting panels that exist today such as Plesk, DirectAdmin, Zpanel, SEO Panel, Cyber Panel and others.

For how to install WordPress on DirectAdmin, click here

Login cPanel

The first step, please log in to your cPanel account. Username and password are usually provided by the hosting provider you rent. If you buy domain hosting at Qwords.com, after the payment process is complete you will get information about the username and password to login to cPanel. There are 2 ways you can do this, namely by:

  • http://yoursite.com/:2082
  • http://yoursite.com/cpanel

Setting Name Server

Especially for those of you who buy a domain and hosting in a different place, you must point the hosting name server to the domain first. After that you can wait until the DNS propagation process is complete, which usually takes about 1 × 24 hours. If you buy domain hosting in one place, ignore this second method.

Softacolous WordPress

If you have successfully logged in to the cPanel hosting dashboard, please search for the Softacolous application, if you have difficulty you can search via the search button above.

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Install WordPress

Then select WordPress, because here we are going to install WordPress in cPanel and then click ‘Install Now’.

Software Setup Softacolous

In the Software Setup section, there are 2 submenus, namely:

  • Choose the version of WordPress as needed
  • Choosing the location to install WordPress, you can choose the protocol used can be http or https and if you don’t need a domain directory, please leave it. For example, if you add the word ‘wp’ then when you open the wordpress main page, the main domain will become com / wp and if you leave it blank, the result will be yoursite.com.

Site Settings Softacolous

In Site Settings, please fill in the ‘Site Name’ and ‘Site Description’ according to your needs. The site name is usually filled with the title or domain name and the site description is usually filled with a description of the website or filled in according to the website keyword.

Admin Account Softacolous

In the Admin Account, please enter “Admin Username” and “Admin Password”, don’t forget to save the username and password that you created earlier. You can also set up an admin domain email address.

Choose Languange Softacolous

In Choose Language, please select the language according to your needs, this language will affect the dashboard settings in WordPress.

Advanced Settings Softacolous

The last menu on Softacolous Installation is Select Plugin, Advanced Options and Select Theme. Please choose as needed, even if it is not filled in later when it is finished, it can still be set up again.

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Installation Process

If everything is complete, please click ‘Install’ and wait for it to finish.

Login WordPress

When it’s finished, to be able to log in to the WordPress dashboard you can access it via yoursite.com/wp-admin and enter the username and password that you entered during the WordPress install process on the cPanel earlier.

That’s all, pretty simple right? There isn’t much difference with the DirectAdmin that you are familiar with. Hope it will helped, thank you.

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