How to Add Auto Refresh on Blogger

How to set up an auto refresh blog. Installing a script for automatic refresh on the blog has a positive impact on black hat SEO users, because in this way we can manipulate the number of visitors.

However, you can install an automatic refresh function as if you want to try the latest blogging techniques.

In this script function there will be a time lag or time setting every time it will be updated automatically on every open page.

The function of this script is none other than automatic refresh without being manually clicked by your blog visitors.

But I emphasize that using a script is not good for the future, but it can be tried to increase your insight about blogging. What is the function of using automatic reloading?

A little extra regarding its function, namely that visitors from Google will only be detected 1 through Google Analytics or the like because visitors only use one IP. But on a different Google dashboard, page views will appear to increase.

Because the google analytic working system can only detect 1 ip and this is often called a unique visitor.

To get UV, you have to frequently and diligently update your blog, especially using white hat SEO techniques.

Continue to the topic of discussion, then how do I install an automatic reload script? Are you busy creating templates? No, just follow these steps:

  1. Tricks to Make Auto Reload on Blog Pages
  2. First go to the google dashboard.
  3. Open the Themes or Themes menu.
  4. Open the template by clicking Edit HTML.
  5. Then add the following code, just install it under tah <head> or & lt; head & gt;
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<meta content = '1000 ′ http-equiv =' refresh '/>

Note: You can change the number according to your code, it says 1000, so the page will refresh every 1000 seconds. Save the template and watch the changes.

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